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👋Welcome reader

My name is Sian and I’m the Chief Growthologist at the Digital Garden.

I’m so pleased you are here.              

You’ve made an amazing decision for you, your business and maybe your employees and family too.

You’re going to learn step by step, how to use digital marketing to generate leads and grow your business.

First we’ve got to get some admin tasks out of the way and get you fully set up for success.

You’ll find some information as text like this one. This makes it easy for you to skip through.

Other formats that you will see are video, audio, PDFs and quizzes depending on what information is being presented.

❗Don’t Skip These:

It’s tempting to skip through and try to complete each session as soon as possible. The about us sections are not critical to your success, so a quick skim of those can be forgiven.

You’ll also find some of the sections in set up may not apply to you depending how advanced you are. Complete the checklists and skip through those. Remember to mark them as completed.

The important lessons in this section are:

➡️This one which one which sets out what to expect
➡️The Site Tour
➡️The Starter Survey

Why Are You Here?

You have paid for a plan. What do you want achieve with it? 

You will get out what you put in. 

I know it’s not easy because I’ve been in your shoes. I wish I’d had what I know now to help me back then.

Follow the plan and you will soon see results like our clients. You’ll see some of our success demonstrated through the lessons as we work through.

✅A Cardiff glazing company that has gone from a turnover of £700,000 per year to £3m in three years.

✅A solo garge door fitter who was bogged down by repair work and barely earning a living. He now has a fitting team and a turnover of £250,000. He’s finally been able take his wife on honeymoon after being married for 35 years. He could never afford the time off before, let alone the price of the trip.

✅A lawyer who had a very busy website with lots of visitors and enquiries but wasn’t generating any business. His website was an information hub ranking well nationally but barely seen in his home town for business genrating keywords.

There are many other examples of varying success but the only definition of success that counts is what it means to you.

Your Freedom Number

What is your freedom number?

By that, I mean, what is the target. Don’t be vague and say, “I’d like to be a millionaire”. Think about it. What is it that will make the difference? How many more customers do you need? Do you just want one more customer per week? Do you want to grow your business to sell?

Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions.
The first thing that you need to do is commit to seeing this through. There’s a lot of good intentions in business but the work gets in the way.

The only way to get past that is to grow your business to afford people to do the work so you can be free. That means committing to your plan.

Have you heard the term, “Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions”?

It means that having good intentions alone isn’t enough to achieve success. Without a structured plan or methodical approach (a process), our intentions might not lead to real results. By putting a plan or process in place, we ensure that our intentions are backed up by actions, increasing the likelihood of success.

You know this to be true. How many times have you intended to tackle marketing?

So I’m asking you to make a plan. Put time in a diary and let nothing get in your way.

 Which of these statements sounds strongest?

1. I’m going to set aside time for marketing.

2. I’m going to set aside time for marketing and no matter what happens, I am going to complete my plan every week.

Obviously number 2 has a far stronger resolve. 

This applies to almost anything that you want to do. Whether plans are for health, business, personal growth, or any other area of your life, having a concrete, unwavering commitment is key.

Simply intending to make changes or improvements isn’t enough.

It’s the determination to stick to your plan, even when obstacles arise, that truly makes the difference. This approach ensures that your actions align with your goals, significantly enhancing your chances of achieving them.

I can’t wait to see what you do with the things you learn inside the Digital Garden.

The strength of your resolve to follow through with your plan is what will ultimately lead to success.

The First Month

Over the next month, we’ll need to get everything set up to measure accurately and plan your marketing ready for you to start work.

But, let’s start with some basics:

Make sure you are receiving our emails. When you mark this lesson as completed, you will receive an email with the headline, “Welcome to our world”. Check junk if it’s not received and mark it as a safe sender.

Complete Tasks. Check off any tasks that you find at the bottom of sections. You can use the note taking section. Click the icon at bottom right. There is also a chat feature if you want to ask questions as you go. 

Mark each section complete. Please try to remember to mark each section complete as emails are triggered by some and it will be easier for you to find where you left off.

This first section is 

Talk soon, 

Sian Wood – Chief Growthologist